This section of GPDP Portal is dedicated to the community & industry leaders who contribute in different ways to GPDP portal.

There are different possible contributions, such as Internship Postings, Job Postings, Webinars, Speeches, Articles, eBooks, eLearning Courses, Training Videos etc.

Become a Contributor and help Connecting students to the Industry Professionals

Industry professionals have the skills and the knowledge that can help bridge the gap between the students and their future work life. These professionals have of course already lived through the student phase and have all the experience that is invaluable information to the students.

Making sure that there is indeed a connection between what the students are learning in the classroom and the skills of professionals is key to making an impact. That means real interactions between these professionals and students. Technology is now helping scale this effort by enabling virtual connections between students and professionals.

When industry professionals connect with a classroom, not only can they share with students about the skills they need, they can serve as a role model and inspire students to reach for the moon. Think about what you wouldn’t have given to get a glimpse of the real world when you were a student yourself. These experts can talk about various career opportunities, how their classroom lessons are applied in the real world and even typical skills required for specific job openings. This helps the students prepare themselves for future jobs and be better equipped to plan their career.

It goes further than that. Programs connecting industry and education can also coordinate with employers in organizing virtual tours, on-site job shadows, A day in the life of sessions and much more for students. Students get a first-hand experience of what the company looks and feels like and get a proper sense of the job profile. Understanding the potential jobs they’ll have later on is priceless.

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