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What is Continuous Improvement and do I need it in my Hotel? Continuous Improvement relates to Quality Management – whether it is in a Hotel or any other business. Continuous Improvement relates to Quality Management – whether that relates to personal behaviour or the standards of a product or a service?

Continuous Improvement often involves a dedication to making small changes and improvements regularly, with the expectation that those small improvements will add up to something significant over a longer period of time.

Only YOU know whether you are achieving what you should be within your Hotel?

The Institute of Quality Assurance defined “continuous improvement as a gradual never-ending change which is: ‘… focused on increasing the effectiveness and/or efficiency of an organisation to fulfil its policy and objectives. Their definition could be applied to Hotel Strategy, Hotel Results, Customer Numbers, Hotel Employee and Hotel Supplier Relationships. Put simply, it means ‘getting better all the time’.

Only YOU know whether your Hotel should be getting better all the time?

Such Improvements may sound good, yet it often ends in frustration and failure. Many Managers talk of improving something by just 1 percent per day. Others disagree and say this isn’t noticeable enough? But I am sure that there are certain situations when you could use this approach and others when it would not bring about the change that are needed quickly enough.

Only you will know whether a 1% daily positive change is sufficient in your Hotel?

Now, let’s talk about a few quick steps you can take right now to start focusing on continuous improvement….

Do more of what already works Do not waste resources and ideas in your Hotels. There are many examples of behaviours that have the opportunity to drive progress in our Hotels if we just did them with more consistency; Smiling all the time, for instance. Never providing poor service, would be another good example. Performing fundamental business tasks each day, not just when you have time. Always apologising when needed.

Only you know whether you could achieve improvements by simply doing more of what already works in your Hotel?

And Avoid tiny losses In many instances around the Hotel, improvement is not about doing more things right, but about doing fewer things wrong? By focusing on doing less of what didn’t work: eliminating mistakes, reducing complexity, and stripping away the inessential. Never losing money and limiting your risks around the Hotel.

Again only you will know whether this is possible within your Hotel?

In the real world of Hospitality, it is often easier to improve your performance by cutting the downside rather than improving the upside?

Author: Stephen Sawyers

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