Learn Video Training Courses, eLearning Courses, Study Material, Books and Video Libraray

Learning modules of GPDP create a unique, upscaled, innovative learning environment that hugely differentiates from traditional coaching techniques. 
Empowering students to learn enduring, rewarding and meaningful skills to face a global and dynamic world of hospitality.

eLearning Courses

The Instructional Design for eLearning course covers the methodology, skills, and techniques necessary for developing effective eLearning solution.

Video Courses by Typsi

It's a library of video courses from the world's best hospitality instructors. It's an online learning platform built to make learning fast, fun on-the-go and on any smart device .

Knowledge Base

A knowledge base is a self-serve online library of information. The data in knowledge base usually comes from several contributors who are well versed on the subject.

Books Library

Digital Books Library to Help Improving Knowledge and Skills of the students at their own pace and place.

Video Library

Videos Library to Stimulate Brainstorming, Heighten Motivation and Appeal to a Variety of Learning Needs.


With Internet technology, it is possible to get connected with people everywhere across the globe at any time we want.


Role-play long has been a common training method for hospitality industry where quick decision-making is highly valued.

Magazines & Journals

As source of news, analysis, comments, events, directory, business opportunities, trends & projects in hospitality, catering.

American Certifications

GPDP by COTHM continues to meet the needs of the industry with a variety of hospitality professional certifications.

Admissions & Scholarships

This program supports promising students who can contribute to the globalization of Hospitality education.

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