Life has given us time to reflect back and analyze ourselves.

This is the time to embrace change and repair our broken relationships and at the same time strengthen weak relationships. Refocus on our dreams, reconsider unfulfilled promises. As a matter of fact, we can rejuvenate our passion and personal energy to achieve the goals we did not achieve. Breathe fresh air, feel calmness around us, give more time to ourselves, cherish family moments, feel at home, eat healthily and eat less.

We can think about those who have no home and no income, this is a wake-up call to all of us to accumulate less, share, even more, pray for the sick, help the needy and be grateful that we are well and gifted with so many blessings. Be mindful and feel the stillness around us. God has given us a chance to do self-analysis, rethink our actions & behavior and expecting us to create a harmonious balance within ourselves and our society.

Soon health, care, and peace will prevail…

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