The most hardest deserts you can ever make are macaroons. I wanted to make them so bad and so I did! But the catch was that I didn’t have a good budget to make them properly. If you’ve made macaroons then you would know that they’re made by almond flour which is soo expensive and sometimes not even available here in Pakistan! So I decided to make the almond flour myself…..

Yes! I decided to make it myself. And so I took some almonds, popped them into the grinder and started to stare at the almonds. After a while I started to notice that the almonds started to become very moist and it almost felt like the almonds were releasing oil of their own and then I did not know what to do. But then I was like let’s just put in normal flour and put them in the grinder again and that actually worked!!

The flour at the end was soo fine and pure just like the real almond flour is in the packs that you find in esajees or alfatah (a local store here).

Then the real process had started…. Beating the egg whites. This is the process that you need perfection in otherwise the macaroons will be overdone or not enough! Put the egg whites in a bowl and then put in half a teaspoon of cream of tartar. Cream of tartar is the ingredient that makes the egg whites “floof” come out and it keeps the peaks stable. Beat the eggs until the peaks are stable and then add in sugar really slow so that the beautiful air that you put in the egg whites doesn’t fall and that wouldn’t be good. So add the sugar really slow! Then beat that until you have real stiff peaks and the whole thing is that stable that if you flip your bowl upside down, it won’t move at all and it won’t fall! That is the point when you know you are done!

Then comes the hard part. Well I said that to all the parts but this ones actually hard! If you mess up this part your macaroons will be lumpy and won’t have a fine top. This is the part where you add your flour to the egg whites. Make sure you grind the flour then sift it into a bowl and then grind it again and then sift it once more into a bowl and then sift the flour from that bowl to the whites real slow. First add half of it then the rest.

After this point you just have to mix, mix and mix! People say that do this part really slowly but I think and experienced this myself. Trust me you just have to mix for 10 minutes straight. Turn on a timer. After that try to make a 8 from the batter. Yes a literal 8! When you can make a 8 without breaking the batter then you know it’s done. Yes keep trying to make that perfect 8!

After you’re done with that then put the batter in a piping bag and then put butter paper on the pan and stick it to the pan by the batter to make sure it doesn’t move. Then make those perfect round blobs. Don’t worry if you can’t make them perfectly because they will be round by the hack that I will tell you! After you’re done with making the blobs. Then slam the tray on the table! Yes slam the tray! This will help to make those fine tops. And after that let the macaroons sit there for an hour.

Then preheat the oven to 180 degrees. After an hour the macaroons will have a very fine top and you can even touch them and they will still be fine! Then pop them in the oven for 17 mins.

And then you’re all done just make a good filling and you have the perfect macaroons!

After you’re done making them the neck pain and back pain will be soo worth it! I assure you!

It took me like 8 hours to make them and by the end of it I was having a migraine and my back hurt soo much but it was actually worth it!

Have a good bake guys. I hope this is helpful for y’all! Cheers 🥂


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